About Me

Kia ora, my name is Chelsea and I’m from New Zealand. For the last 10 years I have somehow been funding sometimes consistent, sometimes sporadic travelling, to whatever place captures my imagination (or to where ever a feasible opportunity arises). Sometimes this has involved working 3 jobs at a time, or working while overseas – but nothing can match the ecstasy of actually setting foot in a place you have previously only fantasized about. Getting older it’s become a struggle to balance forming a career/general adulting with this addiction to the travelling high, but I am still managing a few trips a year. I would love to share some of what I’ve learnt and experienced in all the unique places I’ve been with those who might benefit from it.

I also love to get out and about, especially to see a good movie or show. On this site you will not only find travel advice but some reviews of recent movies, concerts, comedy shows, etc. I love writing and clearly love sharing my opinions!